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how could you NOT give me GaGa!!!!
Copied and pasted from this journal (…)

Click Here and Please search for your Stolen Images (

Desktop Nexus is hosting a wallpaper website who allows users like Tedisoo to upload and present stolen artwork from artists here on deviantART.

The dA member ~tedisoo is uploading tons of stolen images at Desktop Nexus and her account over there is Tedisoo. Here are few images she stole and I recognized them right away. The original artist is =ebrulii

There are many more images and I don't know the artists name but if YOU recognize one of this images , I would recommend to spread the word and inform the original artist. As far as I know, dA took already action and removed all images from ~tedisoo's Gallery. Thanks to all the admins here on deviantART for there quick response to protect your work.

If you find your own work at Desktop Nexus, I suggest you go HERE and contact the DMCA AGENT Harry Maugans.
Big News, I've decided to finally get my ass in gear and with my partnered company with my mother (PI: Download Inc.) failing... i'm absorbing it's services and adding more of my own.. for Graphic Design, Document/Photo Archiving, and Computer Repair... my new Company is "step3", also this is a good public place to submit the name and graphic and have it dated by the system so that i have my own copyright to my work (logo, name, etc)

Keep an eye out as I upload my new icon and DeviantID
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go see my latest and feel the same wrath i feel over those who defile my most beloved of categories!…
<3... that is all ^_^
APPARENTLY, i'm better than i thought with wallpapers... Apple in the Spotlight has been stolen and re-posted again... 3 times!

Twice on Flickr: here:… here:…

and once here on 'geekpedia'::…

PLEASE if you see reuse of mt artwork LET ME KNOW ASAP

MANY MANY thanks to ~brightshade782 for telling me about one!


EDIT:  anyone who needs more proof by the way.. i can show the original Photoshop files, so really I have every way to prove it's mine.
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Free webhosting.. i neez it!
I'm working on a website for a video game guild i'm in.. our existing site is on freewebs, but the site designer they provide takes FOREVER to load and doesnt work right when you try to customize..

what i would like iis a free web host where i can just Upload my entire website (like via FTP) after creating the whole thing in iWeb or RapidWeaver (i <3 Rapidweaver)

HOWEVER from the standpoint that other guild members will need to update the site, a free hosting site with a GOOD designer interface would be nice, something REALLY WYSIWYG and not stuck to themes...

the onlly sites i know of are freewebs which hates me right now, and invisionfree which is message board only, ideally we want his a place to have a forum, and fully html pages with information about the game (classes, quests, maps, etc)...  i have all the content and i know what i want the site to look like, i just cant find a host that wants to let me have what I want... (banner ads are not an issue i dont care if they're there or not)

(no geocities they give no space)

ANY help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.
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soooooooooo anyone out there used Freewebs website builder before?  i'm revamping/recreating an MMORPG Guild's website (of which i'm a member) and i'm wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks or better ideas of where to host for free, no invisionfree isn't an option case they only do forums well, not info pages and other such media pages... ALSO if you have any nifty handy XHTML 1.0 compliant tricks or tips, lemme know ^_^
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<3 v6
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just tired of seeing my last rant as my top journal entry on my page... so... Hi.

umm... i've been chatting a bit with a cute guy, we're very alike in the Mac/OSX sense so we kinda (mentally) get each other.. i think he's cute, he thinks i'm cute (or so he says every 10 minutes, lol)
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OK... My favourite section is the Mac/PC OS Wallpaper category... I trawl and upload there the most... but I'm so sick of people CONSTANTLY posting the Mac OS wallpapers individually or as packs.. not edits or deviations, just the walls straight out of the hard drive.... Once or twice in the category is fine, it lets us all get them for deviant work, but 10,000 posts of Leopard's Aurora, the leopard grass or the clown fish is getting out of hand... its as bad as mis-cats...

I appreciate default wallpapers that are:
high quality / large resolution
NEW to dA
Deviant work
from a new release of an OS

BUT NOT 100+ POSTS OF THEM... Please people check to see if it's A-there already, or B-higher quality then you would upload....

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Worth it? No seriously... Our family has hit some hard times and its one of the best ways i can think of to help fund my upcoming Senior Art Show to graduate this semester... People have requested prints of some of my work previously, and i have a whole new crop of work for my show that actually was designed to be printed, so i'm thinking about going for it... (money for printing by selling prints... what a concept...)

Also, are there any sellers out there? i'm thinking about making more iScarves and microchip jewelry and wondering how well sales there go?

oh and a third and final... i have a PayPal acct... would getting a Google Checkout acct be worth it too?... i know my printer takes GC and not PP, but is there a way to transfer funds from one to the other?

and what is dA's take on the prints? cents? %s?...

PLEASE let me know, gimme some feedback... and let me know what of the stuff IN my current gallery you'd like to see as prints..

and remember nothing with a copyrighted image can be used.. ie: no prints of apple in the spotlight or aurora
OK anybody have a wig i can borrow for This Saturday night the 27th??  any mostly straight or lightly curly wig will do, nothing too frizzy, no clown-doll-rag-'fro hair.. but anything that looks.. well human?  I have a great outfit idea but i need a wig, luckily the personality has had some wild doos, so as long as its not over dyed or fluorescent it'll work.. i just dont know a lot of ppl with wigs.. Straight hair is the most preferred or very lightly waved... Please let me know..

i DO have a backup costume, but that idea is far too simple for me and definitely bulkier and less comfortable than being someONE else, as the other option is being someTHING else... an inanimate piece of video-gaming equipment... (no i wont say what)

short and sassy or long and luxurious.. just let me know ^_^
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Hooray, never thought 'd see it One Thousand Views on Aqua Reflections!!! I shall have to get off my ass and make another something to commemorate it!
I gots me a Man!